Alessandro D'Atri (il Prof)

Describing such a rich, complex, and eclectic personality as Sandro’s is not easy even for someone who has had the honour to know him and to work close with him for several years. For us, Sandro has been a colleague, a supervisor, a mentor, a friend, and sometimes a father. But these qualities were not only for us, his strict co-workers. We had the impression that also other scholars, both Italians and foreigners, identify in him these characteristics.

These traits of his character were absolutely evident in the professional activity where he has spent a lot of his energy, his competences, and his knowledge. Even in the most difficult situations, his style was recognizable by a smile on his face and a continuous will to minimize problems and to suggest a way to get through them. This was also evident in his last battle against the disease that took him away from us. We have seen him fighting until the end with incredible spirit and courage. So that he has leaded the CeRSI, in the trenches as he used to say, until the very last days, and he was continuously thinking of future developments and of the growth of his research team.

He was a passionate and a dedicate worker. He was fully committed to support, encourage, and further develop all the positive aspects of his co-workers. Particularly towards the young researchers of his research team at the CeRSI, he was always providing hints, clues, and suggestions to enhance their aptitudes and to promote and increase the value of their work.
He has expended much energy to give a full citizenship to information systems studies within the sphere of organization studies in Italy. Even in front of misunderstandings, he was always trying to convince his colleagues of the value that research in this field could have brought to the organization studies.

Tangible outcomes of his efforts are the CeRSI research center of the LUISS Guido Carli University that he has founded and contributed to develop, and the ItAIS, the Italian chapter of the Association for Information Systems. His work, witnessed by the rich project portfolio of the CeRSI and his frequent and intense scientific production, has contributed to make both the CeRSI and ItAIS known and appreciated in Italy and in the rest of the world.
He has shared with us good and bad moments, in work and in leisure. We have been his second family. We, as close co-workers of the CeRSI research center, commit to take his heritage and try to continue to pursue the ideas and values that have inspired his life and his work in the future.

Goodbye Prof!

Valentina Albano
Alessio Maria Braccini
Nunzio Casalino
Marco De Marco
Michele Missikoff
Andrea Resca
Luca Sabini
Paolo Spagnoletti
Stefano Za


#44 Ciao AlessandroFabrizi Gianluigi 2011-07-24 18:40
ho appreso della scomparsa di D'Atri solo oggi. Anche se dopo il dottorato non ci siamo più visti ed io ho preso una via professionale diversa, lo ricordo con simpatia ed affetto e la sua scomparsa mi ha assai addolorato.
#43 RE: Alessandro D'Atri (il Prof)Ludmil Manev 2011-05-26 16:54
I was very depressed that Prof. D’Atri has passed away. He was a great man in all dimensions as person, as expert, as partner.
He has always supported our center in Bulgaria and me personally.
I remember that CeRSI was our first international partner in VIRTUOSE project on 2003 – 8 years ago.
He, together with Prof. Casalino, accepted our invitation to join our first big EU project and from it started the development of European Center for Quality and mine as manager.
I can say that he was a noble soil for our pure friendship and successful partnership in so many projects and initiatives.
I will miss Alessandro very very much. I would like definitely to go to the grave of Alessandro on Sunday evening May 29 or Monday afternoon May 30 in any case. I would like to give my great respect to him and say good bye for the last time with him.
Also my colleagues from Gabrovo Technical University send their deep condolences for the dead of Prof. D’Atri.
#42 RE: Alessandro D'Atri (il Prof)roberto candiotto 2011-05-23 15:09
Sono profondamente addolorato per la scomparsa di Sandro. L’ho sempre apprezzato per le sue ben note qualità umane e scientifiche ma, avendolo conosciuto più "da vicino" recentemente, ed avendomi concesso la Sua amicizia, ho potuto percepire la Sua sensibilità, attenzione e cordialità. Ci mancherà!
#41 Ciao Sandro!Nancy Pouloudi 2011-05-16 12:01
What a great loss for the IS community! It has been a privilege to have met and collaborated with Sandro, such a motivating force and a dedicated colleague! Always smiling, always encouraging... It was really devastating to hear the news of his passing.
My most sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.
Ciao Sandro!
#40 RE: Alessandro D'Atri (il Prof)Cosimo A. Folda 2011-05-15 16:39
Ciao Sandro,
continuo a pensare di girarti ogni informazione di lavoro che trovo interessante per commentarla con te...
Dopo tanti anni, faccio fatica a rinunciare agli stimoli della nostra collaborazione.
Mi resta la riconoscenza per le tue doti di ricercatore, tecnologo, organizzatore, maestro (anche di vita!).
E soprattutto, per la tua amicizia.

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