LiVES - Learning in Virtual and Extended Spaces

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Research Area: E-Learning
Status: In progress  
Project leaders: Collaborators:
Proposed start date: 2011-07-21 Proposed end date: 2012-09-30

The LiVES (Learning in Virtual Extended Spaces) project aims at studying the potentials of the application of immersive 3D Virtual World technologies to the domain of continuous and distant professional training. The project aims at binding the competences of the CeRSI research center on e-learning technologies and applications with complex ICT solutions provided by the Arakne Srl company which is co-financing this project.

The final objective of the project is to define, design, integrate, implement, and test an innovative immersive 3D Virtual World platform applied to a virtual classroom settings in which professionals and students can chat, discuss, share experiences, learn and receive training.

The project accounts for a total of € 240.000,00, with a grant of € 112.000 (VAT included) for the CeRSI research center.